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We urgent need partner for our project.
A great tv-station needs great movies. We are everytime looking for new gay eyecatching series and movies. We prefer black directors and actors. But we are also happy to watch smooth white guys. So when you have a good queer movie with erotic parts in it do not wait, just e-mail. . Our company is black gay owned and operated.
When you are looking for advertising on romeoStore.tv is just your thing. We are planning the largest gay audience ever. You can watch our programm in Africa, Northamerica and Western-Europe. 24 h we are able to broadcast the advertising you need. We can just broadcast your spot or create a brand new one or a special show to presentyour good to the audience you want to contact. Remember romeoStore.tv is the number one hotspot in gay erotic. Contact us at officetimes 10- 20 h call (011) 333 1880 or visit us at 26 Troye St., Johannesburg

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