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We are a group of filmmakers and artists who think it is time for a great project, comming from Africa. Southafrica is the only staate where you can life when you are gay in peace. This is not the one and only thing. In many countries you have problems. No gaybars. Even the internetconnection. When you life in a staate where homosexuality is not legal, watching of gay site is mostly also forbidden. So you get no information, often you cannot watch gay-internet-tv. For all of these guys we like to form a tv-program comming from the space. It is not a dream. We did it. We rented a channel on a satellite.

You can receive RomeoStore all in Europe as well in the south and middle of Africa by satellite. Even at the Eastcoast of the United States. The technical reach is more than 400,000,000 households. RomeoStore TV has a clear target group, gay men. Commercials can be sent. Special offers can be presented even in new formats. Sponsors are welcome at all programs.

We are on Telstar 12 at 11503.00 H (free, no code)

If you need help just ask we help you write to mail@romeostore.com or
contact us at officetimes 10- 20 h call (011) 333 1880 or visit us at 26 Troye St., Johannesburg

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