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black comedy

16:9 video 70 min

director: Ben Zinga

player: Marcus

Marcus found a new sport, free climbing, but he want to do it naked and he never climbed before. - So sometimes he movie is a drama. It is not a written script, it is just what happend.


black comedy

4:3 video 74 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Brad Haskel, Terry Baldwin, a.o.

One morning Bob returns from his pubtour and fall drunken in bed. Later, the sun is out he awake and his home is empty. Someone has stolen all clothes, all furniture.


comedy, partly black comedy

16:9 video 110 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Jeremy Forbes (as himself), Brad Haskel, VarBobby Baldwin, Terry Baldwin a.o.

Jeremy tries to save the bookstore of his grandparents. He must fight against many resistances, loses even his best friend. A fire then breaks out in the bookstore. At first what appears like the low proves to be a happy turning point.

on several filmfestivals, shown on ITV

1.000.000 Deutsche Mark (Germany 2010)

a black comedy, in Englsh

16:9 video 95 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: George, Bobby Baldwin, Terry Baldwin a.o.

A youth group finds a million Deutsche Mark. They could the money exchange at the country central bank but once is to get there and the bank must have opened. Five dramatic hours with a plastic bag full of money. And no idea what to say when the bank have questions.

on romeoStore sat tv

one of the winners at the Vancuver film festival 2008

INSPECTUR VAKU (Japan / Germany 2008)

a very black comedy , in English

16:9 and 4:3 video 93 min

director: Aki Takashi

players: Zaza, Ben, Aki and George

A corpse disappears from pathology. The dead man shall have swallowed a key before his death. The confused inspector Vaku takes on the case and he find a trail to a strange filmcompany where they produced a mysteryseries.

movie on romeoStore sat tv, canal + France, TV One, Fox TV

on several gay filmfestivals

Winner of N.Y. Gay Film Festival 2005

KILLER WEAR BLACK (Germany 2005)

a very black comedy , in English

16mm color and 16: 9 video 78 min

director: Ben Zinga

George Mäkismäki searches for a job and discovers a job supply of a finery agency. After some confusion he actually gets the job. But the problems begin with that. When later his frist customer lies in the corridor dying, is this not the top of the bad for a long time. - There is finally Manfred, a killer in a monk‘s habit!

movie on romeoStore sat tv, NRK Norway

on several gay filmfestivals

7 MILLION (GB 2005)

a very black comedy , in English

16mm color and 4:3 video 78 min

director: Nicolas Holm

players: George, Bobby Baldwin, Terry Baldwin, the NEW Romeo Cleaners, a.o.

Because he cannot give the bar man a tip, Peete gives him half of a lottery ticket. Peete cracks the jackpot of 7 million with that. As promised he wants to give half of money given for the bar man now but his new friend Fox cooked trifle, he already has signed on a killer for the bar man.

movie on Sport TV Africa, TV Leste Brasil, Hustler TV, 2M TV

on the Vancuver Film Festival

THREE GOOD BOYS (Australia 2000)

a very black comedy

35mm color and 4:3 video 92 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Nicolas Holm, Brad Haskel, Varon Haskel, a.o.

Manuel and Robert have been a couple for years. One day Christoph who is an old schoolfriend of Robert appears there. Christoph doesn't have any place to sleep, they invite him to stay a couple of days. This leads into a chaos.

movie was shown on Canal + France, Tele 5 France, Ch. 4 England

movie was shown on the Filmfestival in Melbourne

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