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THE GREEN DRAGON (BALI and Germany 2015)

thriller – made for older children

16:9 video 110 min

director: Ben Zinga & R. G. Knuth

players: Vince Garett, Chun Lai, Hu Than, Jack Wong a.o.

Little Jamie is on vaction in Bali. Together with a friend he visit on Halloween a temple, dressed like Robin and Batman. The doors are open, the fire is burning and many extotic things to eat you find in front of the gods.

shown on Fox Television

A CORPS TO TAIWAN (Thailand 2013)

action thriller

16:9 video 107 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Chun Lai, Doug Dragon, Yohna Vanikuva a.o.

On behalf of a gangster boss two pilots collect a corpse from a cemetery and fly the dead body to Taiwan. A Russian mafia group wants to prevent this.


thriller, starts as comedy

16:9 video 88 min

director: Marcus de Scully, Ralf G. Knuth

players: Charleen, Marcus de Scully, George a.o.

Charleen is very successful on a TV sales channel. The competition decides to murder her by a killer. The first attempts seemed rather funny but the killer gets more and more to an unpredictable nature whom follows his target icy-coldly.

shown on CBC TV


thriller, partly bizarre

4:3 video 81 min

director: Ralf G. Knuth

players: George, Ben, Zaza, Marcus

Zaza watches a monk at a cold-blooded homicide. Zaza completely confusedly flees and leaves his bag. So the monk gets on the track of him and finally lures Zaza into his hiding-place, a bomb there already ticks. Zaza has 18 min to defuse it. This part is real time.

Movie was made for the fun of four friends.

movie was not shown on TV


a very bizarre thriller

16: 9 video 106 min

director: Ralf G. Knuth and Marcus de Scully

players: Björn Anderson, Michael Winter, Marcus de Sully, George a.o.

Private dective Bernd Schneider receives a call from his friend Patrick. This sits in the mix-up. He has transported a blue box for two shady guys and but then he forget the box durning an incident in the Stockholm metro. Bernd shall find the box within ten hours time now. If not the shady tyes want to deliver to her unpleasant boss after this. The film is a thriller. His movies this frequently filmed with a low camera, virtually from the point of view of Bernds small dog. (Marcus plays a gangster bride in this film. Some of the more bizarre scene where cut for a sales version, but is the uncut version)

movie not shown on tv

on Hamburg Filmfest

SHIP LOST (Viet Nam, Japan 2003)

a thriller

35 mm and 16:9 video 93 min

director: Aki Takashi prod. by Ben Zinga

players: Peete Anderson, Kim Houk, Hu Tan, Jack Wong, Gavin Wong, Nicolas Lung, Aki Takashi, a.o.

Peete signs on on a container ship but he is treated by the colleagues like dirt. But it then turns out that the owner of the ship wants to make temptation fraud and a bomb is hidden in the ship someplace.

movie was not shown on tv

movie was shown on several festivals in Japan

MASKMAN (GB 2003) thriller

101 min video version in english 16:9

director: Aki Takashi prod. by Ben Zinga

actor: Rob Kane, Don Lapton a.o.

There is a maskman outisde in London at night. He is on the search for unhappy young homosexuals. He lures them to an empty factory where he torments his victims with an emotional torture. The gay Jouranlist Norman gets on the track of him.

movie on romeoStore sat tv, 2 M TV

on the London Filmfestival

LUCKY COP (Germany/ Canada 2003)

a thriller

16mm color/ 16:9 video 85 min

director: Collin Graceson and Ben Zinga

players: Jean-Claude Hamlin (Scott Ranks), Fred Forside, Gus Verand, a.o.

In a boarding school teenagers disappear again and again. They were sold as organ donor mean rumors. Sot hey smuggles in the still looking youthful cop Andreas in who shall examine the thing.

movie not shown on TV

on the London Film Festival


80 min version in english 16:9

director: Aki Takashi prod. by Ben Zinga

actor: George Carter, Don Lapton a.o.

George cleans nakedly an apartment. He suddenly notices that there seems to be a predatory big cat in the apartment. The head of the household denies this decidedly but George gets panic-stricken primarily when first his clothes and then the head of the household disappear.

movie was shown on romeoStore sat tv, canal +, France, Hustler TV, 2 M TV, NRK Norway

movie was not shown on festivals

A BIG SILVER CASKET (Australia / Portugal 2002)

crime story

35 mm color and 16:9 video 98 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Brad Haskel, Varon Haskel, Leon Gomez, a.o.

A particularly protected bank is broken, but it seems as if the perpetrators had gone up the wall. It is even strange that only a locker was broken open. The owner is untraceable.

movie on Canal + France, 48 TV, Rainbow

on the Filmfestival in Melbourne

FIRST KILL (Angola / France 2000)

a thriller

16mm color 104 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Sven Baltere, Peete Bassett a.o.

Dangerously ill Andreas commits a homicide for a lot of money so that his friend is provided financially.

movie was shown on Canal + France, Tele 5 France, Ch. 4 England, KCSG TV

movie was shown on the Filmfestival in Firenze Italy

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