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Nur für eine Nacht (Germany 2010)

(One Night)

16:9 video 22 min

director: Ralf G. Knuth

players: Zaza and Daniel Schufatinskji

Paul's friend has died many years ago, now he lives alone. Very seldom he goes out. A young man finds Paul's entry at a Datingline which is, however, already 10 years old.. Both had a quick chat than he young men visits Paul and is horrified when he sees Paul. Paul asks him to stay, for a short time.

movie on Biwalo TV

on London Film Festival

Nowhere to go (Germany/Japan 2006/2010)

a drama , in English

16:9 video 90 min

director: Aki Takashi prod. by Ben Zinga

players: Ernesto Gonzales, John Roberts, a.o.

John is Silvios houseboy and his life leads in the luxury. But his credit card is stopped one day and he learns that John is bankrupt with his company. John then breaks down with a circulatory collapse, too. So Silvio packs everything of value into his car and wants to make dust out of it but pangs of conscience then come over him.

movie on NBC

on festivals in Japan and Vancuver Film Festival

POOR PAUL (Germany 2003)

a very black comedydrama, in English

16mm color and 4:3 video 88 min

director: Ben Zinga and Ralf G. Knuth

players: Aki Takashi, Gus Verand, Jean-Claude Hamlin, a.o.

Unemployed Paul plays he would be disabled and dependent on the wheelchair. By a dedicated social worker he comes to a job and a good apartment but a short time later he is exposed by his colleague Tom. But if he steals Tom a valuable painting, he promises to be silent.

movie not on TV

on the London Film Festival

COOL - BE COOL (Germany 2004)

4:3 video 95 min in English

director: Ben Zinga

cameraman: Ralf-G. Knuth

players: Gregory White, Ben Zinga, Raymond White, a.o.

John lives with a leg injury in Berlin in winter 2004. He roams through the scene without any aim and he is horrified about the social cold and ruthless of the people in this town. Finaly he does several self murder attempts. The last attempt only fails because an acquaintance visit him and saves so the injured John. He tries to give John a better understanding and another position of the things.

movie on Canal + France

on a filmfestival in Capetown

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