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NUDE WALKING (Canada 2015)

122 min 16:9

director: Ben Zinga

players: Robin Donan, a.o.

Robin do a 1 hour ride by hitchhaking and he is complete nude

The thing for the film he did the ride 20 times, so the movie is a collection what happend. It was made with a hinden camera.

COLLECT MONEY (Canada 2014)

92 min 16:9 and letterbox

director: Ben Zinga

players: Vince Gabin, Herb Finton, a.o.

Vince and Herb makeing nude events so collect money for a gay radio project. The thing is both did not look coverpic like but they have ideas, so they travel around Canada

shown at several festivals

winner of the Vancuver Filmfestival


102 min version in english 16:9

director: Marcus de Scully

actors: Marcus, Jean Claude Hamlin, George & Salim

Four friends rent a sailing boat. They have little experience and sail mistakenly at night on the north sea to the atlantic ocean.

on romeoStore sat TV

not on filmfestivals

NAMIBIA (D 2010)

109 min version in english 16:9

director: Ben Zinga

actors: Jean Claude Hamlin, George, Salim a.o.

Four friends travel to the north of Namibia. They looking for there missing friend Ben. The film has many beautiful landscape and animal scenes.

on romeoStore sdat TV - not on filmfestivals


103 min version in english partly b/w 16:9

director: Aki Takashi, Ralf G. Knuth

actor: Steve Stafford, Joakim Lund, Boris Fenske, Salim a.o.

Bernhard searches for his father Marvin of whom he has only a photo. The father had work as a male prostitute in 1969 and then have disappeared to East Berlin.

movie on romeoStore sat tv, canal +, France, Hustler TV, NRK Norway

not on filmfestivals


90 min version in english 4:3 full XXX

director: Ralf G. Knuth and Aki Takashi

actors: Jean Claude Hamlin (cleaner) and Basil Mortimer

The movie documents the whole nude cleaning job in a customers place. The camera is mostly very near so you can see every details of cleaner Scotts handsome body. For a big tip he made an erotic rubdown in front of the customer. (And the movie dosen't hide it.)

movie on romeoStore sat tv, canal +, France, Hustler TV (on tv only without erotic rubdown)

not on festivals


78 min version in english 16:9

director: Aki Takashi and Ben Zinga

actor: George

This doucmentary movie shows a guy, who has a regulary tv-show in several cable-networks. It is a show about new pornographics, pornmodells and a all kind of sexlife. Since 2002-2004 he was the presenter of the show called DONKEYRICK. This is the one and only programm what has a nude male presenter. - Well, there is a lot to see. In this film you see the private life of him and he is all the time lessdresed, even when he is going to fetch some food.

movie was shown on romeoStore sat tv, canal +, France, Setana Sports TV, Rainbow (only covered)

movie was not shown on festivals


104 min version in english 16:9

director: Aki Takashi and Ben Zinga

actors: Bjorn Schuetz, Ernesto Hernandez, a.o.

Bjorn is visiting Barcelona in winter. Durning the first night in his hotel he has a strange and partly pervers dream. The movie looks in many ways like a gay porn, but in all scenes Aki is reading old japanese poetry.

movie on canal +, France, Bayon TV

movie was shown on the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival

TO AMSTERDAM (Nederlands 2005)

road movie

16mm color / 16:9 video 78:15 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Glenda, Nuni, Gladis, Ruby, Arnold Kuz, o.a.

The dragqueens Glenda, Nuni, Gladis and Rubi go from Nizza to a show appearance to Amsterdam. On the journey the travel money is stolen one morning and Gladis falls in love with a woman.

movie on Sport TV NL, romeoStore sat tv, Setana Sports TV, Rainbow

on the Vancuver Film Festival

LIVE IN L.A. (Nederlands/ Canada/ U.S.A. 2003)


16mm and 4:3 betavideo 83 min

director: Nicolas Holm

players: Benoit Vittox, Jean-Claude Hamlin, Gus Verand, Anatol Bertrand, a.o.

The 23-year-old Benoit comes from a french village but he wants to emigrate into the U.S.A. and live in Los Angeles. The film accompanies Green card winner Benoit in California for six weeks.

movie not on tv

on the London Film Festival

MONSIEUR RIEN (France 2002)

road movie

16 mm and Betavideo 99 min

director: Ben Zinga and Marcus de Scully

players: George, Marcus de Scully, Ben Zinga, a.o.

Victor does a bet. He wants to travel from Paris to Nizza without a cent in the bag.

movie on 2M TV, Canal + France

on the London Filmfestival



75 min in German (subtitle in English)

16:9 video

director: Ralf-G. Knuth

actors: Silvio Gehrke + Max Büttner

Silvio applies to the male nude cleaning ageny THE ROMEO CLEANERS and receives his first order. He shall clean the apartment of an old man, who lives in seclusion for years.

The long stories of the old man from his life in East Germany are interesting. Of course Silvios of well proportioned body can also admired substantially.

movie on biwalo tv

not shown on festivals

In the film it is Alaska, but real it was Norway

TRUCK MISSING (Australia/ Norway 2001)

a thriller

35 mm color and video 95 min

director: Ben Zinga and Ralf G. Knuth

players: Brad Haskel, Varon Haskel, Ben Zinga, a.o.

Colin and Paul have a truck running in Arizona. Someday Gangster steal the vehicle with an expensive cargo. Colin and Paul risk everything to find the Truck again but gangsters have used him already for a coup in Alaska.

movie on Canal + France, 48 TV, NRK Norway, KCSG TV

on the Filmfestival in Melbourne


90 min Versions in French, English and German

director: Nicolas Holm und Marcus de Scully

actors: Malcom Harden, Nicolas Holm, Marcus de Scully, Robert Tichinow a.o.

The film documents the casting efforts for a gay porn.

movie on romeoStore sat tv, Rainbow TV, TV Uno, NRK Norway

not on festivals

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