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(A 2015)

45 min 16:9 video

director: Ben Zinga, R. G. Knuth

starring: Martin Kämpfer, Roy Clover a.o.

Two guy want to have a nice day at a guy nude beach. He film was made with a hidden camera, but we have from every artist a signature for presenting this movie on public.

parts broadcast on Sport 1


(E 2014)

51 min 16.9 video

director: Ben Zinga

starring: Roy Glover, Frank, Bruce Bartlett

Derek has long memories of a small vacation camp. Now this shall become ragged and give way for a luxury vacation domicile. Derek tries people he hasn't this one for a long time seen to mobilize them to prevent the demolition.


(D 2009)

50 min 16:9 video

director: Ralf G. Knuth

actors: Marcus, Aki, Charleen and Ben

Marcus is planing a tv-show with a naked butler. The documentary is shooted in the studio of Biwalo TV a community cable tv.

movie was on romeoStore sat tv

not shown on festivals


(GB 2009)

52 min 4:3 video mostly XXX

director: Ben Zinga

actors: Alexander Lund, Leonid Winslow o.a.

Alexander said that he hate condoms, he love unsafe sex. So he is talking about it – and he is willing to show what he like. The films shows people who love all kind of gay sex. (The movie is a docu, but it documents pornography.)

movie on romeoStore sat tv

on Toronto Film Festival


(GB 2007)

56 min 16.9 video

director: Ben Zinga

starring: Roy Glover

a film about Roy who is teaching surfing. In the film you can watch nice guys who surf less lessed or in the baff.

movie on romeoStore sat tv, Channel Four in England, KCSG TV

not shown on festivals


(AUS 2006)

52 min 16:9 video

director: Ben Zinga

actors: Bruce Bartlett, a.o.

BRUCE show is what gay trucking is all about

movie on Setana Sports TV

not on festivals

SUBWAYS (Holland 2004)

a documentary

16:9 video 35 min in b/w

director: Ralf G. Knuth and Marcus de Scully

players: Marcus de Scully & Nalle Saikal

To win a bet, Marcus goes completely nakedly by subway at night.

movie on canal + in France

on several gay movie festivals.

DRAW (GB 2004)

45 min 4:3 video in English partly XXX

director: Ben Zinga

cameraman: Ralf-G. Knuth

players: George, Raymond White, Frank Gosby, Mark Robson, Sail Clayton, Ben Zinga, Kirk Jones a.o.

A group of students at the act draw. The model is a beautiful young man. The movie shows the sexual ideas of the students during the work - from tender touches and gentle kisses up to sadomaso.

not on tv

on dutch pornfilmfestival


(Portugal 2004)

46 min 4:3 video in b/w

director: Ben Zinga

actors: Marcus de Scully, a.o.

In Lisbon. Marcus cleans the store plates of car-sales showrooms completley undressed. The film shows him and these to reactions of people in front of the shopwindows.

movie on chan. four in England, Beate Uhse TV in Germany, romeoStore sat tv

movie was on several festivals

BOYS NIGHT OUT (Holland 1999)

a doucmentary

16:9 video 35 min

director: Ralf G. Knuth and Marcus de Scully

players: George, Marcus de Scully, Gloria Buster, Jon Fivefour, Gus Gelee, Johanna, Frank Watts , a. o.

A group of halbdrunken dragqueens is planing a movie. In the middle of the night they started the filmwork in an empty gaybar.

movie on Animax Brasil Sat TV, NRK Super TV in Norwey, Spreekanal (cable tv) Berlin

movie on San Francisco Film Festival

ON STAGE (Holland 1999)

a doucmentary

16:9 video 42 min

director: Ralf G. Knuth and Marcus de Scully

players: George, a.o.

A report about George who has to strip naked in front of over 400 mostly drunken people

movie on canal + in France, Pro 7 television, Chan. Four in England, KCSG TV

on several gay movie festivals.

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