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Johannesurg Centre
Johannesburg Southafrica

The Ben Zinga videoproduction was founded in Johannesburg by all black people in the year 2000. Main Owner is the filmmaker Ben Zinga. He growned up in Luanda, visited filmhighschools in Paris and Berlin. As the same time Ben Zinga worked for several tv-stations as a correspondent. But he love making gay erotic movies. In this field he was successfull, became prizes on filmfestivals in San Francisco, Vancuver, Sydney and Hamburg. In 2012 Ben movied into a bigger building and invested in a modern tv-studio, too.

modern studio

After they got the contract producing a weekly talkshow here for two tv-stations they build a new studio, where you can find high quality technique for filming and editing. There is also a highspeed internet to send the videos quickly to nearly everywhere. This is one reason RomeoStore is doing many musiclips and advertising films togehter with other filmmakers and advertising companies. The software: Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Factory Pro, Boris FX and Vegas Pro.

gay couple

In 2009 Ben Zinga has the idea to build up a tv-station what broadcast by sat-tv a full male gay program. It was the first project in Africa and it start with gay formats from America. But this was not such a clever idea. You can not transfer the gay life from America to Africa. So we got contacts to other projects in Europe and a few internet-tv-projects. Togehter we started to make up our very own gay series. It took a lot of trouble, because we often run out of money. Nowadays we are happy to say we are broadcasting daily a few hours gay sat-tv. Unlucky we are the only project here. We hope we can expand this service also to Europe, because we urgent need sponsors.

31 Troye St., 2107 Johannesburg, South Africa +27-11-312240

for makeing musicclips call +27 – 11 – 312241

for advertising on romeoStore television call +27 – 11 -312242

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