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Ben is the founder of the RomeoStore label. He is the company manager and owner, Ben studied at film universities in Amsterdam, Paris and Potsdam. Besides this he studied economy sciences and journalism. He completed these studies as a Bachelor of Commerce.


Rodney is Ben's deputy. He studied on law sciences and marketing. He specialized in film business. He logically cares about the legal interests. Rodney is our Webmaster, too.

That not means both sitting all the time in the office. Rodney keeps in touch to the regular customers and the off-premises of the network. Ben leads the movie direction with pleasure, writes music and film scripts. Rodney and Ben will not ask actors for things themselves had never had done. So Ben and Rodney did actors work in several gay movies.


Young economy scientist Aki Takashi is responsible for the customer service. He is the person to hold contacts to the hole world, to get new movies on romeoStore-tv, new businesscontacts and he has Ben newest movies in the case when he join filmfestivals in Europe and America.

More about RomeoStore you get here.

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Feel free to contact by letter or mail [at] This website is made by Rodney Williams. 166 Fox St., 2107 Johannesburg, GT, R.S.A.