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When I say we are makeing movies to earn our living so this is not correct. So many costs are runnung permanent, leasing rates for cameras, technical eq., trucks and the studios. To pay all that we luckly have tv-projects. Two queer series, a gay artist talkshow and a fashion show. We have TV-partners in Southafrica, France, in the USA and in Germany, most of them are satellite or cable-networks.


In Johannesburg we realize the queer series Jon and Robin. We started this series when the law changed and the first gay couple let the wedding bells ring. Nowdays the series is popular on four cable-networks (but the stations are to shy to broadcast the soft-sex scenes). ...More...

Also in Johannesburg we produce the for several cable tv-stations. It is a show about all aspects of perfect look and life, mostly for the gay-men. Here sexy Harry offers new trends, great vacation trips, fancy cars. For all guys who wants to get attractive. ...More...

In our branch in Quarteira we are shooting the docu-soap Charleens Boys. It based on a real agency opened by my friend George, who offered male housecleaners and waiters (in a tanga or less). Crazy jobs in kinky sitations is the base for this tv-series. ...More...

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