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Hi. - When you want to become a »Crazy Romeo« you should get in touch with me. I am not a boss but I am the coordinator & staff manager. My name is SCOTT RANKS and I am the person who do the negotiation when a person or company want to hire a Romeo. When you work as a single stripper you get 90% of the income. If you work with others it's my job to »share« the income. When you do less you get less, when you do much you get the maximum. But it is up to you what you do in front of a camera or on stage. - I had often livesex on stage but when you say you will not do something like that on stage it is okay for us. You do what you like.

Are you ready for action?

When you life in Western-Europe you can became a part of the Crazy Romeos. But first: After a lot of mad mash and missunderstandings: The Crazy Romeos are BI and GAY. So when you are hetero please do not send an application form. If you are good singer, a magic master or a good muscican it is perfect but you should also look shape. If you have a big cock let‘s show it to the world.

So if you want to join the team send in 3 pics of you (face, front and back). You have to send nude pics – do not cover the best away. And I need some other information you find on the application sheet.

send your pics to scott [at]

Wenn Du in West-Europa wohnst, kannst Du Teil des Crazy Romeos werden. Beachte: Es gibt keinen Agenturchef, es gibt nur mich, den Koordinator. Bitte beachte: Nach vielen Missverständnissen und Ärger haben wir beschlossen, dass die CRAZY ROMEOS eine schwule und bisexuelle Gruppe sind. Als reiner Hetero solltest Du keine Bewerbung schicken.

Wenn Du wirklich heiß aussiehst, ein guter Musiker oder Sänger bist, oder zaubern kannst dann ist das vielleicht ein Weg gutes Geld zu machen. - Wenn Du einen großen Schwanz hast dann zeige ihn der Welt!

Wenn du bei uns mitmachen willst schicke 3 Fotos von dir (Gesicht, Front und Rückseite). Schicke bitte Nacktfotos ohne Abdeckungen.

Schreibe noch was über Deine Größe, Dein Gewicht usw. 

mail [at]

Stripping is sometimes are very hard job. Many people ask for a male stripper on a Sausageparty. Strangers touching your body and your best parts. Many people want to take photos or filming you when you are acting nude. Is that okay for you? Some guys think it makes them hot. - Well okay, one time but what will you do the next time? You should sexual very open and you should love partypeople. Forget drugs and Bourbon, it's no help. - Anyway, you cannot hide this job in your vita. So please think twice before you ask for a job.

The guys are just decoration. The photos belongs to Agency Bouvas.