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romeoStore has over 130 queer movies in the stock. You will find documentary films, short comedy films, traditional motion pictures, videos and sexmovies.

ALL movies have a longer erotic parts. Some movies have sexscenes.

I am lucky to say we are working perfect togehter with many tv-stations, like Nossa TV, Hustler TV, TV one, canal +, channel five and StarRyder TV. There agents working close together with our branches in Johannesburg, Quarteira and Berlin.

All movies we made without a big budget. So when you have a good idea but only a tiny budget we will to glad to hear from you. Maybe there is a chance for a good cooperation.

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Studio: 63 Kurper Road, 1622 Kempton Park, GT. For all text and photos: Ben Zinga 31 Troye Street, 2107 Johannesburg, GT, Rep. South Africa.

Feel free to contact by letter or mail [at] This website is made by Rodney Williams. 166 Fox St., 2107 Johannesburg, GT, R.S.A.