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BUSRIDE (F 2015)

a comedy

16:9 - video 97 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Vladimir, a.o.

Vladimir goes topless by Bus on a nice summerday. He wanted to visit his grandpa. The 800 km ride is full of strange things happend to Vladimir. The movie has no sexscenes but it is »Homo-Propaganda«. This is the reason this russian movie has a french nationality.


a comedy

16:9 - video 93 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Walt Yaskel, Tim Rosimo a.o.

Two not very clever young men find a suitcase. It contains spoils from an art robbery. However, the two finders think that the works of art are forgeries and sell these very cheap to a dawdler. Later Gangsters who had lost the suitcase come to the lads. The gangsters demand the two to fetch back the things.


a comedy

16:9 video 78 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Marcello Collette, Tim Rosimo, Sergio Colbert

Jerome wakes up in a strange Apartment one morning. His clothes are missing and a dead man is on the floor. What has happened Jerome has no idea. In the next moment two policemen are at the door.

on ITV – not shown on festivals


a comedy

16:9 and other - video 90 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Walt Yaskel, Reno Yaskel, Tim Rosimo a.o.

Madan has a beautiful Apartment in a famous skyscraper in Chicago. He goes in front of the door one morning and the door closes behind him. In the aprtment is Michael, but Madan has impressed him, to let nobody in the apartment. 90 scared minutes start with for the easily dressed Madan.

on servial festivals

not shown on TV


a comedy

16:9 and other - video 82 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: Gregor Stuart, Walt Yaskel, Tim Rosimo a.o.

Waylon lives in an Apartment in the Twins Towers at Lake Shorwe Drive. From his study look to many other apartments and hwe watches a lot. He falls in love with a young man who lives opposite. He spends more and more time to watch him. One day the doorbell rings.

on servial festivals

not shown on TV

THE GREAT DAY (Germany 2007)

a comedy , in English

4:3 video 80 min

director: Ben Zinga

players: George, Wilbur, Ottfried, Aidan and Frank

Virgil and Wayne want to get married but on the day before the celebration everything goes wrong and Virgil lands even in prison.

on channel Four England, Rainbow TV

not shown on festivals

TAMINO (NL /DK / D 2004)

77 min Version (in Dutch, German and English) 16:9 video

director: Victor Pollak

producers: Marcus de Scully + Nicolas Holm

actors: Greg Stewart, Dariusz Wolf, Mark Fox, Marcus de Scully + George

Tamino is a real unlucky person. He has got the job hardly as a window cleaner he already falls down with the ladder, and destroys a large store window. His boss fired him immediately out. But Tamino is not to blame for his accident, two small rogues had him pushed on her flight from the ladder.

The film plays in broad sequences in a sauna and shows quite a lot young man meat. This one is officially the first movie worldwide where a male nude cleaner proceeds in this in a leading role.

movie not shown on tv

on the Copenhagen Filmfestival

WHIPPERSNAPPERS (Canada / Portugal 2003)

an erotic (thriller) comedy

35mm color and 16:9 video 102 min /engl.

director: Ben Zinga

players: Marcello Collette, Tim Rosimo and the Team of the Romeo Cleaners 2003

The small Gangster Louis provides his two grandchildren with small forays. Now he is seriously ill and the two little whippersnappers try themselves now a big burglar.

movie on TV Africa, romeoStore sat tv, NRK Norway, 2M TV

movie was not shown on a festival

WINNIE IS THE CROWN (Canada /Germany 2008) Vers. II

a very black comedy , in English

16mm and 16:9 video 79 min

director: Aki Takashi and Ben Zinga

players: Winnie Lowfort, Greg Mortimer, Floyd Selby a.o.

Winnie is crown witness in a lawsuit and is accommodated by the FBI in a small town but a killer already is for him on the heels.

version I was shown on 2M TV. Version II on Fox TV

movie was shown on the London Filmfestival


(USA/ Rep. South Africa 2001)

123 min in English 16:9 video partly xxx

director: Ben Zinga

actors: Michael Winter, Marcus de Scully, Bert Wright, a.o.

Vincent goes to Reno to collect a bigger financial deceit there which his uncle has bequeathed to him. A film about the difficulties of getting 9,600 dollars from the locker of a third-class motel.

(Marcus plays a very liberal male prostitute in this film. This version includes all hardcore scenes with Marcus )

movie on Canal + France, Bayon TV (without the hardcore scenes), Hustler TV

on San Francisco Gay Film Festival


75 min in English 4:3 video

director: Marcus de Scully + Ralf G. Knuth

actors: Scott Ranks, Jarek Zabanek und Bert Wright, a.o.

Burglar Wayne lands in the laboratory of inventor Toby one night. After he takes a palatable liquid to himself there he get a giant penis. Superfluously the police snatches him. - The film crew was inspired by it manage a chaotic film.

movie on romeoStore sat tv

not shown on festivals


a very queer comedy ,

16:9 and betavideo 81 min (partly b/w)

director: Ben Zinga

players: John Gardner, Peete Bassett, Alison White, Keno Tan, Walter Bent, a.o.

Paul and George want to fish a prosperous gay man on board of a cruise. The gay variant of "blondes preferred".

movie not on tv

on the San Francisco Gay Film Festival, New York Gay Film Festival, Vancuver Filmfestival

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